EDITOR’s NOTE: Prosoft Engineering, Inc. has announced the release of Data Rescue 4. Top Ten Reviews is currently testing this release and will update this review as new information becomes available.

Data Rescue from Prosoft Engineering Inc. is one of those tools that has the critical factor of convenience built right in. Much of its functionality is designed to help you in disk and partition management, which makes it an excellent choice for disk recovery software.

Data Rescue is capable with the full range of your computer’s memory hardware, enabling you to recover your data from formatted drives, damaged partitions and RAID arrays. It can pull data from almost any type of external device, including SD cards and USB flash drives.

It can help you recover deleted files, files lost due to accidental reformatting, files lost from a virus attack and files lost due to damaged partitions. The moment you figure out that you have potentially lost critical files or family memories is stressful and frustrating. However, there is help. Data Rescue can help you restore your valuable files easily.

Data Rescue can help regardless of your file recovery experience. You simply insert the installation disc, and it does everything for you with just a few clicks. It manages complex tasks such as recovering files from corrupt partitions and damaged file components without making the process complex for the user. It even comes with the ability to self-boot to gather files from an unbootable drive.

Data Rescue can attempt file rescue of any file that has not been written over or is located on a physically damaged disk. We tested this file recovery software on three PCs and were able to recover all of our test files, including Microsoft Office files, full music albums and images. It is capable of restoring all file types, including documents, images, audio and video files, and financial documents such QBX and QBB files saved using QuickBooks. Data Rescue can help you recover files lost to more extreme disk damage using a disk cloner. Disk cloners create exact copies of disks that you can pull data from, which is safer than trying to extract files directly from a damaged disk. Data Rescue can also restore deleted files from RAW sectors.

This disk recovery software has an exceptional file preview. This software instantly displays file previews, which made locating lost files much easier and far less tedious than it can be with other software. Data Rescue can sort and filter by file type and date, and it supports wildcard searches. Unfortunately, not all lost files can be retrieved. However, Data Rescue makes successful restoration easier by displaying a file status that lets you know the odds of successful retrieval before you start the restoration process.

Should you need assistance using Data Rescue, you can contact Prosoft Engineering for technical or customer support by telephone or email. This company does not provide instant online chat support, but you can follow Prosoft Engineering on YouTube, Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. This software comes with a comprehensive user guide, which we used often to help us with the restoration process. It proved quite useful and simple to understand. If your disk is severely damaged, the company also provides professional data recovery services.

Data Rescue Summary:

We’re confident that Data Rescue will help you with your disk recovery software needs, especially on an unbootable hard drive. The boot disk utility is an extremely helpful tool. The help and support options are also world-class, and the manufacturer offers added support for when you just can’t get your data on your own, which does well to set this software apart from the competition.


Data Rescue

Data Rescue’s boot disk option will recover most any lost, corrupted or just deleted file.

It’s great for the home computer, but you need something better for network or RAID recovery.

The Verdict:

Data Rescue is perfect if you have low recovery needs. Just make sure you look it over thoroughly before deciding if Data Rescue is right for you.